A Rundown Of MMA And Boxing Gear

2017-09-29_13-13-47Professional fighters put their lives on the line every time they step on the ring. Although the rules have been amended to minimize bloodshed, you never know what could happen when you go toe to toe against some of the best warriors on the planet. A single strike could prove lethal. That’s why they cannot take any bout lightly. Those who do are likely to end up in a hospital or worse. They need to train relentlessly in a gym, get their bodies in the perfect condition, and spar with other fighters to improve their sharpness. When they do so, they will require the best boxing gear and MMA equipment out there.


These are some of the most important items. Boxers, in particular, use their hands as their only weapon inside the ring. They cannot use their legs to kick or strike with a knee. They cannot use their elbows. Using the hands to strike takes its toll on the fighter, too. A lot of boxers end up with sore hands after a fight and broken bones are common. Gloves offer some amount of protection. Boxing gloves are quite thick and they are designed to cover the entire hand from the tips of the fingers down to the wrist area. They can also be used to shield the face when blocking punches from the opponent.

MMA gloves, on the other hand, are much thinner and lighter. They can afford to be so because the fighters don’t use their hands to strike as much as boxers. They have much more options when it comes to scoring points with the judges and hurting their opponents. They don’t even have to launch a strike. A lot of MMA fighters prefer grappling and submission moves on the ground. Holds and chokes are their preferred finishing methods. These require finesse and surgical precision of movement. That’s why the hand cannot be completely covered by the glove. The fingers have to be exposed and free to move.


As for their attire, boxers will often wear simple shorts and shirt during their training sessions at the gym. These will need to be loose so that they can move freely while dancing around and circling their opponents. It should be moisture-wicking because they tend to sweat a lot in a session. The shoes will have to be high enough to cover their ankles and provide stability during lateral movements. The outsole has to be able to maintain grip even when the canvas has gotten wet due to water, sweat, and blood. Slipping can be mistaken for a knockdown, cost points, and embolden the other side. During a match, the torso is bare and the lower half is cover in loose shorts.

As for MMA fighters, the attire is pretty similar. The important thing is that they feel light and comfortable when training. They usually don shirts and shorts during practice as well. Perhaps the biggest difference is that the go barefoot on the mat. After all, they need to train to use their feet for kicks. It is illegal to cover the feet when using them to strike an opponent. Most will have to take a wide stance to maintain a solid base and prevent slipping or toppling over. Inside the Octagon, fighters will generally have a bare top and use a body-hugging highly stretchable pair of shorts. This will enable them to move freely whether striking or grappling.

Bags and Dummies

Boxers fight in an upright position all throughout the match. Once anyone is horizontal, the match is halted to give a chance for the person to recover. Therefore, all of the punches will have to be delivered when the opponent is still standing up. A punching bag is an ideal for this as it mimics the density of a human body and offers a good target for practicing head and body blows. It can move a bit while it is suspended from the ceiling which the boxer can use to his advantage as it forces a change of angles — something that happens in actual fights. They can circle around the bag while peppering it with strikes.

MMA fighters use this as well since boxing is generally one of the main disciplines that they need to practice. All of the techniques are applicable here as well. However, they will also need additional equipment for the other movements they have to practice. A grappling dummy is one example. They won’t always have a partner to spar with so it helps to have a dummy that they can imagine to be their opponent. They can then try their holds on the object as much as they want to until they have perfected them. Try to read Submission Master review posts, as well as reviews on other products to compare your options.

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